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Welcome to Above and Batman Beyond:  A Pretty Schway Podcast devoted entirely to the futuristic Bat Beyond!

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A BLAST of a new @batmanbeyondpodcast superfan segment: Asking Animated Insta Bat expert @saturdaymorningbatman “You get 3 #dcanimatedmovies a year. One’s a Beyond movie…” Guys, what would YOUR 3 #dcanimated flicks be for the year? Comment below!.. For me, talking with someone like Travis is the exact reason long form podcasting exists. I couldn’t talk to this guy for a short time if I tried. So thanks for spending A LOT of Friday afternoon with us, @saturdaymorningBatman ! DO NOT overlook Travis’ profile if you still haven’t checked it out. A unique synthesis of shit we love: entertainment, learning, and The Animated Bat. I seriously can’t wait for the next one, Travis! #batmanbeyond #dcanimation #dcuniverseoriginalmovies #wbanimation #animatedbatmanmovies #batmantheanimatedseries #btas #returnofthejoker @dcauwatchtower @heyjustin @batman_beyond_fanpage @the.batfan @batmanfigs

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Ep XX | @The.Batfan | Toy Photos of Neo Gotham | Above and Batman Beyond Podcast

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Beyond Blog Post:  Reflecting on Season 1, Celebrating our new Season 2 Vid Format!

Batman Beyond Podcast, Batman Podcast

Enjoy the first episode of our new Season 2 VIDCAST Format!! 

Enjoy this promo video for Troma Now, co-written by our very own Managing Editor and podcast host, Benjamin David!

Arkham City Mr Freeze Cosplay | Cosplay Interviews New York Comic Con 2017 | Above and Batman Beyond Podcast 

Batman Beyond Fan Interviews New York Comic Con 2017 | Interviewing Johnnie | ABOVE AND BATMAN BEYOND PODCAST

Batman Beyond Fan Interviews from our Instagram! | New York Comic Con 2017 Podcast Coverage

Batman Beyond Fan Interviews, New York Comic Con 2017 Podcast

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