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Reflecting on Season 1, Gearin’ Up for Season 2 of Above and Batman Beyond!

It was late January 2017 that I got my first piece of podcast equipment. Fast forward to just over a year later? A whole darn lot has changed!

The very concept of Above and Batman Beyond didn’t exist when I bought my first podcast mic; and my mac mini, and my digital interface/mini audio mixer Apple jargon hoo ha. My first ever podcast was called, Geek News Bat-News: A Batman Podcast, now titled, Geek News General. Listening back to the earliest of episodes was cringeworthy, to say the least. So much so that I’ve admittedly wiped a few of the early stinkers from record (Believe me, it’s better for all of us). Never would I have thought that in less than six months, DC Comics legends like Dan Jurgens would be on my show (Writer of Batman Beyond DC Rebirth comics; Creator of DC’s Doomsday and Booster Gold), on some new, more polished interview podcast. Let alone, guests like Batman Beyond TV voice actor, Melissa Disney (Blade Sommer; Curare).

In those first recordings, a podcast mic for me was like being handed a new instrument. And, that is not to imply that I was good. Quite the opposite, in fact. I’ll agree that, with time, I’ve developed a pretty decent podcast voice; but man, at first, I just sounded like a 50s NBC Radio guy mixed with a really boring Batman/Star Wars nerd, talking about toy runs to Target. A lot needed changing. And, pretty quickly, it did.

By June of 2017, I had one, sometimes two interviews lined up for every single Monday of summer. Since then, we’ve done live video/audio convention coverage from major events like NY Comic Con, NJ Comic Expo; we’ve stepped up our sound quality and the quality of programming in general. And now, for season 2 of Above, we finally have pro audio/video skype recording. This means that my skype interviews will now sound crystal clear on my end for you die hard audio listeners, but this also means we get a whole new video audience as well.

Countless people have told me that they don’t listen to podcasts, but they would watch, if I made a video show. So whether you’re video, audio, or both, we got a bunch of video/audio episodes comin’ your way for season 2 of Above.  

More than a year after my first equipment haul, celebrating these big changes to the show and our podcast network, I thought this was a good time to start a new season of the show. I can’t wait for all the new interviews comin’ your way. Here’s a quick preview of what’s to come for season 2…

  •  The Return of the Jurgens
  • Bernard Chang Returns
  • Adam Beechen Returns

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