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Episode 3 brings us back full circle. Our first official episode featured DC Comics legend Dan Jurgens, long time writer AND artist, currently writing Batman Beyond for DC’s Rebirth. For Episode 3 we now hear from the visual side of things for the new Beyond book. Mr. Bernard Chang is with us to talk about drawing Beyond comics, the most recent art work from a career as long as Chang’s Comic con record itself: 25 plus years the man has drawn comics professionally! Our talk (I being your host, Benjamin David) began with San Diego Comic Con 2017 last month, interestingly hearing what con is like from an actual artist’s perspective–not just a fan’s. Chang said this is his 25th year at SDCC, and we talk about the dramatic transformation that’s taken place at con over the past quarter century. Finally, a huge bonus for me personally this interview was the true story of the American dream as lived and told by Bernard Chang. As a Taiwanese immigrant family, the Changs came to America knowing absolutely no one, let alone having connections in the American comic book art business. Yet, through a story you should really hear for yourself, Bernard Chang grew up to draw the very property we meet here to podcast about.

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Welcome, Neo Gothamites to Above and Beyond: The ONLY podcast devoted entirely to Batman Beyond. For episode 3, we have yet another great Beyond guest with us. Bernard Chang is the artist of Batman Beyond Rebirth comics over at DC.


Welcome, Neo Gothamites to Above and Beyond: The ONLY podcast devoted entirely to Batman Beyond. My name is… 3 is a good round number, Beyond fans. And we’re here. And we’re not just showin’  up for this one. We’re not mailin’ this one in. Strong as ever with our guest list, we landed Bernard Chang for today’s show, artist of the current Batman Beyond Rebirth comics over at DC. Please keep in mind this is only Part 1 of my talk with Bernard. He was gracious enough with his time to go well over an hour, allowing me to split our interview into a 2 parter. So, make sure to subscrive/write us a review so you don’t miss the Beyond epic conclusion to our talk. Chang and I chatted a lot about Beyond and Beyond Rebirth, but we also went deep into some other topics that were pretty fascinating well. For one, San Diego Comic Con this year. Located on the west coast, Bernard Chang attended SDCC from a very different point of view from the rest of us. He’s actually one of the people drawing the stuff that brings us all to con in the first place. And one of the things he draws is truly beloved, apparently not just by me and the listeners of this podcast. According to Bernard, Batman Beyond fans were not holding back their love for the book at comic con this year.

Listening into the future of this episode, this is what you will hear from Mr. Bernard Chang:


If you look back at our first official episode, you know that having Bernard Chang today is will be a fitting follow up. For Episode 1, we proudly had DC legend Dan Jurgens with us, writer of Batman Beyond Rebirth. Jurgens is the guy responsible for the Death of Superman, and as I like to say, the birth of Booster Gold. I still can’t believe I landed that interview by the way. At the time, I was mostly excited to get the guy writing a Beyond comic. Then I began discovering the man’s body of work since the episode; making my disbelief of that interview grow by the day as well. But as great as that show was, we still didn’t have the pencils behind the story. We still hadn’t heard from artist Bernard Chang.

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Last episode featured an interview with TV and comics writer, Adam Beechen, to talk about his run of Batman Beyond comics titled Industrial Revolution. If you haven’t heard it yet, defintiely go back and chek that one out. As an added bonus, keep in mind that much like the episode you’re listening to now, last episode with Beechen is only Part 1 of our talk. Oh, yea! Beechen 2 parter as well! See how much Beyond content I’m getting for you guys?! Even more reason to help us out with a 5 star review on iTunes, subscribe to the show. Just sayin’. I’m shameless, I know.  Beechen also talked about some pretty remarkable TV shows he’s written for: Rugrats, Ninja Turtles, Wild Thornberries, now working on the new Transformers cartoon. Perhaps most excitingly for Adam is a TV series currently in development, based on a comic book character of his own creation. The character’s self titled book Hench follows the life and adventures of a henchman. Sounds refreshingly offbeat. Can’t wait to pick up that book and to see that show! Within the pages of Beechen’s Batman Beyond: Industrial Revolution is a one shot story titled Legends of the Dark Knight: Inque. If you haven’t yet read this futuristic anthology tale of the Bat, then brace yourselves for one of the best origin stories you’ll ever take in. And I don’t say that lightly. As I put it during the podcast: “Just make sure you have a box of tissues and a writer’s notebook ready to go.” Unforgettable work, and we talk all about it in our upcoming Beechen: Part 2 episode. So don’t miss out!  

So, back to our guest at hand, Bernard Chang. Chang and I covered con, we covered Beyond and Beyond comics. Of course, we also talked about some other major titles Chang has drawn: Green Lantern Corps, for one. But, Bernard Chang and I also went pretty deep into his background, which was honestly one of the high points for me personally during our talk. As I discover, the man who draws us beautiful Beyond books every month, is also the human embodiment of the American dream. A first generation immigrant from Taiwan, the Chang family came to America knowing absolutely no one. No connections, let alone connections to the American comic book art world. Yet, through pure hard work and skill, a man who came from nothing has made himself into a top artist at DC. As Chang says in the clip you just heard, he and Dan Jurgens and Marcelo Maiolo are the longest running team currently working at DC Comics. Think about that as you listen to his story of coming to this country with relatively nothing. Super inspiring and a crucial tale for any artist really. Connections or not, if you don’t put in the hours, as Bernard tells us, your work is never going to truly improve.

Also, immigrant stories and international stories like these are the exact types of stories we want to tell on a network called As the US and the world become more globalized and multicultural by the day, hearing individual success stories like Bernard’s really help to put into perspective what we mean when we say “the American Dream.” For his story, we are forever grateful.

The last thing I’ll say briefly before the interview is how thankful we are for your time, Mr. Bernard Chang. It’s plain to see that you put innumerable hours into these Batman Beyond books. Still, you were gracius enough to make time to talk with us and please your fans. During our initial sound test, Bernard sounded tired. I asked if everything was ok and he said that he was just up all night drawing. I was floored that he still wanted to continue talking to some Beyond fan nerd, in a time zone 3 hours later. Bernard said that he’s more than happy to make time for the fans, so he persevered through an hour plus of my geeky questions, sounding great the whole time by the way. See that, kids? Up all night drawing. That’s dedication. And, perhaps even more dedicated is the man who is able to give his fans a home run of a podcast after staying up all night. So, thank you again, Bernard Chang

Without further adieu, here is Part 1 of my Skype interview with Bernard Chang, artist at DC Comics, currently drawing Batman Beyond for DC’s Rebirth:

INTERVIEW (recording only)


Aaand, if you wanna hear the rest of how comics quite literally shaped Bernard Chang’s life, then you’ll just have to tune in for Part 2 of my talk with Mr. Chang. He and I spoke for about an hour and a half, plenty for 2 episodes.

Knowing that we didn’t get too deep into Beyond this episode, please believe that Chang Part 2 will be chock full of Batman Beyond talk. To prove it, here’s a little slice of Chang talkin Beyond:


So, if you want to hear more from Bernard Chang about the new Beyond suit and tons more Beyond centric content, then subscribe and stay tuned for our upcoming Chang Part 2.

Again, a huge high point for me in this episode is right where we left off. This is where you really need to empathize for a 6 year old Taiwanese kid who speaks no English. Imagine your first day of school in Indiana! No English? First grade? Poor little guy. But, the power of the story is that this poor little guy not only used comics to learn English (in a matter of 3 months no less); he then surpassed his English reading peers, ultimately growing up to draw professionally for the medium to this day.

For a podcast  about stories, there’s nothing like the stories that come from the lives of the actual creators. These life experiences inescapably influence and inform the stories they end up creating. And this is why doing a show like this is so much fun for me. I now have the distinct privilege of getting into these creators’ heads, week in and week out. But even if I wasn’t hosting the show, I’d still listen without a doubt. All this background knowledge makes the work of creators so much more interesting. Hearing all this info gives you a more complete story as you are reading it. Because, for instance, you now you know how much time went into it. Or you now know how it was put together. You now respect the person’s particular process and you want to see more of what they will do with it. In a nerdy nutshell, there’s just so much to love about podcasting.

Again, for next episode of Above and Batman Beyond, we have Zach from Diamond Select Toys joining us, to talk about the distinguished company’s new Batman Beyond Resin Busts. If you recall from earlier in the episode or if you follow us on social media, you know that we are running a giveaway for these very Beyond busts. Zach and I had a pretty long chat as well, super nice guy; so we’ll be having not just one but 2 episodes coming up for you Beyond collectors out there. If you’re not a collector, you still need to check out Diamond Select’s new Batman Beyond 6” Resin Busts. These things are true works of art. Ever since they began putting out breathtaking Batman: The Animated Series statues and busts a few years back, it’s no surprise that these Beyond busts live up to Diamond’s reputation. Again, don’t miss out! It’s a hell of a free deal! A giveaway actually worth entering!

And, that is it for this episode of Above and Batman Beyond. Thank you as always for listening! My name is Benjamin David, your host and Managing Editor here at

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For Episode 3, we have a solid follow up guest to Ep 1. Our first official show featured DC Comics legend Dan Jurgens, writer of Batman Beyond Rebirth comics. Today we hear from the artist behind the book, and all kinds of fun stuff about Bernard’s experience at SDCC 2017, and even some pretty moving conversation about Chang the “American Dream.” We’re so excited here at to add Above and Batman Beyond to our podcast network! Please subscribe and stay tuned for more interviews and content from creators like Bernard Chang and others in the business of the Bat Beyond. Don’t forget to check out our original Batman podcast, Geek News Bat News. Listen for more from Benjamin David, host of both “Above” and “Geek News” and Managing Editor of COMICBOOKINTL.COM  @ComicBookIntl on both Twitter and Instagram; This podcast is hosted, produced and edited by Benjamin David. Podcast Art by Courtney Delenn Slater: @CDSGraphics on Instagram and @CDS_Graphics on Twitter. Today’s guest was Bernard Chang, artist at DC Comics. Above and Batman Beyond is not an official production of DC Comics, Warner Bros., Batman Beyond, or any other company, property and/or license mentioned on this recording or on The thoughts and opinions shared by the participants of this podcast are theirs and theirs alone and therefore do not represent the companies or organizations they happen to work for.  


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