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Episode 4 | DC COLLECTIBLES INTERVIEW | BTAS 25th Anniversary/Rogues Gallery 5-Pack & Beyond 2-Pack


Out of the 2 dimensions of Beyond comics, we journey now into the 3D sculpted action world of Beyond collectibles. And none other than the gold standard of Batman collectibles, DC Collectibles. Thus far, we’ve interviewed only comic creators from Batman Beyond, not yet delving into toys. Admittedly, a few weeks ago, I did interview Zach from Diamond Select Toys about their beautiful new Beyond busts and statues (Stay tuned for that upcoming episode as well). However, the episode we’re here today to talk about is a bit more time sensitive. That’s why I’ve posted this one first: specifically to celebrate this week’s 25th anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series, along with the brand new release of DC Collectibles’ GCPD Rogues Gallery 5-Pack from the iconic Bat cartoon.

Click below for Episode 4 | DC COLLECTIBLES INTERVIEW | Beyond 2-Pack & BTAS 25th Anniversary/Rogues Gallery 5-Pack. SUBSCRIBE to Above and Batman Beyond on iTUNESSOUNDCLOUD, COMICBOOKINTL.COM, and here at BATMANBEYONDPODCAST.COM. Read below for a partial transcription of the episode as well!

Partial Transcription of Today’s Episode:


Welcome, Neo Gothamites to Above and Batman Beyond: The ONLY podcast devoted entirely to Batman Beyond. For episode 4, we have yet another great Beyond guest with us. Jim Fletcher is the Executive Creative Director of DC Entertainment, overseeing DC Collectibles!


Above and Batman Beyond is a production of Comic Book International. That’s Check out ComicBookIntl for all the latest in Geek News. Find new episodes of Above and Batman Beyond on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Hit us up on Facebook and Instagram: @batmanbeyondpodcast and Twitter @BatmanBeyondPod. Theme music by Exsanguinator and podcast art by Courtney Delenn Slater. Thank you for listening to Above and Batman Beyond.  


Welcome, Neo Gothamites to Above and Beyond: The ONLY podcast devoted entirely to Batman Beyond. My name is Benjamin David, your schway host and Managing Editor here at Today’s episode takes a good old fashioned fun turn away from Beyond comics, and into the world of toys! And, not just any toy. DC Collectibles action figures, Beyond fans! If you’ve been following the show thus far, we’ve interviewed Beyond comic creators only. Now, we get to play with some toys!

We posted this episode today for 2 very important reasons: 1) This week’s brand new release of DC Collectibles’ Batman: The Animated Series GCPD Rogues Gallery 5 Pack. Then of course, we will also be talking about Batman Beyond DC Collectibles as well, in particular the Batman Beyond/Bruce Wayne 2 pack released this past February. But reason # 2, Beyond Fans! Today is the official 25th Anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series. And, if you know your Batman Beyond history, you know that there is no Beyond without its birth place in the extended universe of BTAS. The existence of this very podcast–and probably all of my motivation in this world–owes everything to Batman: The Animated Series. I truly don’t know where I would be as a person or what my interests possibly would have looked like in the absence of BTAS. In short, I’m a die hard fan, and I could easily choose it as my favorite franchise of all time if necessary. So, today, Jim Fletcher and I are going to take you back 25 years with our audio toy talk, to an era of cartoons much longed for by yours truly and by Jim as well. Fletcher is the Executive Creative Director of DC Entertainment, overseeing DC Collectibles!

An impressive title for an impressive toy man. I gotta say though: Jim is a well rounded executive. Crucial for a good exec at DC, he’s just another die hard fan of this stuff. So important. Looking at the toys, he’s obviously hardworking and professional, but also really funny and witty. He and I cracked jokes the whole conversation, and never took ourselves too seriously. In a podcast setting of 2 nerds talking about Batman action figures, let’s be real: there’s a lot of potential for dry conversation and know it all showmanship. But, this was just like talking to another Beyond fan about some awesome toys he made. And ya know what? That’s exactly what was happening. Funny thing. When people are just real with each other, great things happen!


Listening into the future of this episode, this is what you’ll hear from Mr. Jim Fletcher:


 If you’re not much of a collector, DC Collectibles are the gold standard for consumer collectible Batman action figures. “Consumer collectibles” just means that these are toys that most consumers can actually afford; typically, toys under $100 or especially under $50. DC Collectibles usually range anywhere from $18-25, never really breaking the bank. Especially when you now have a beautifully sculpted 6” work of art, that looks straight off the screen Batman: The Animated Series–or for our purposes, Batman Beyond. And, if you’re a Batfan and  don’t have at least a few of these figures, or follow their line? You probably need to make some changes in your life and go to your local comic book store.

Of course, it goes without saying: If you are a DC Collectibles fan, then you’re really going to love today’s episode. The first half of the show is more about the new GCPD Rogues Gallery 5 pack, again, being relased this week!. As I mention in my talk with Jim, I saw the preview sample of this 5 pack at NY Toy Fair back in February. Going by how much I loved all 5  figures and overall playset concept, I cannot wait to get my hands on it this week. I could go into detail now about the Rogues Gallery 5 pack, but just keep listening and you’ll hear the Executive Creative Director himself tell you all about it. What I will say is how excited I am for the playset concept they’ve achieved with this. The packaging functions essentially as 5 jail cells, each with a new BTAS villain figure, and then a mini police station for a new officer Renee Montoya. What better way to bring you back 25 years then by sitting you down in front of a fresh new, light up playset with the classic cops and robbers of the original cartoon?

But, just ‘cause we’re talking about new and exciting BTAS figures, doesn’t mean we’re gonna leave our Beyond toys at home. In fact, my original intention with this DC Collectibles interview was not necessarily to talk about the new Animated Series stuff. I initially contacted the DC toy makers for an interview about their Batman Beyond 2 pack released this past February. Believe me, I would’ve had plenty of BTAS questions, but I didn’t think to promote something from BTAS. Well, what a lucky and unexpected honor this interview became. Again, my original love, not just for Beyond, but Batman and DC in general: it all comes from my affinity for the Animated Series. The cartoon I grew up on, the series for which I now have the opportunity to celebrate a 25th anniversary, on a podcast with the very people at DC doing the toy making. What else could an animated Bat nerd ask for for a 25th anniversary gift?!

Recognize this tune?


Of course you do! It’s the original animated series theme of our titular Beyond hero. Well, guess what, Beyond fans?! Kristopher Carter, the Emmy Award winning composer who wrote this iconic Beyond theme, is coming on this very podcast to talk Beyond music! Carter first worked with Bat music, scoring episodes of Batman: The Animated Series. Soon after in 1999, Carter won an Emmy Award for his super schway theme of Batman Beyond. As you can tell, we are really stepping it up when it comes to our guest profile. Folks who work in TV can be among the hardest to contact, let alone get on a podcast due to their higher fame profile. Still, after a few episodes with comic writers, artists and even a TV writer, Adam Beechen, we’ve now landed the music behind the TV show that started it all. The podcast has come a long way in just a few months, so I really can’t wait to see what the future holds as well! In addition to creating the futuristic metal theme for the series back in ‘99, Carter also continued scoring episodes of the show with more of his thrashing metal and future industrial sounding backgrounds. And, if you’re the Beyond film,Return of the Joker fan, as any self respectin Beyond fan should be, then you can thank Kristopher Carter for the music in that one as well. Hopefully, the interview will be a skype conference call, which will apparently include more people involved in the music of Beyond, including such names as Michael McQuistion as well as Carter! McQuistion is a name you also may recognize. Much like Carter, McQuistion is also an Emmy Award winning composer, working on both Bat cartoons: BTAS and Beyond. A pretty big homerun for a podcast of the Bat Beyond! Subscribe, review, and don’t miss our music Beyond episode.  

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And speaking of toys like DC Collectibles, stay tuned after the interview for an audio preview of our upcoming episode with Diamond Select Toys. I chatted with Zach Oat from the Diamond marketing team about their San Diego Comic Con 2017 Exclusive Batman Beyond busts. We had a lot of fun and those busts are gorgeous! Check ‘em out if you haven’t already!

Ok, Beyond fans. Without further adieu, here is my interview with Jim Fletcher, the Executive Creative Director of DC Entertainment, overseeing DC Collectibles!




That was I, Benjamin David, interviewing Jim Fletcher, Executive Creative Director of DC Entertainment, overseeing DC Collectibles.

As I said before the interview, we posted this podcast this week for a very important reason: Batman: The Animated Series turning 25 is not something I could leave untouched if I wanted to. I literally just got off the phone with my own mother a few moments ago and told her that not sending me a Batman toy on Tuesday was like forgetting my birthday. I told her September 5th, 1992 was the real day on which I was born. Of course, she then assured me I was quite wrong about that based on her own vivid memory 7 years prior. Either way, this is about the birth of animated Batman. Not me. But, conversations like these demonstrate the staying power of a series like BTAS. When a real mother and her real 32 year old Batfan son can have a debate about his real birthday. If the crew of BTAS only knew back in 92 the monster they would create. Thank you Batman: The Animated Series. Thank you for giving me something to come home to after school. Thank you for not talking down to me and assuming because I was a kid I coulnd’t understand good writing and real dialogue and grown up themes. Thank you for making 106 of some of the best short films in film history, animated, TV, or otherwise. But, most of all, thank you for delivering unto my generation a hero with some compassion, someone to look up to. While we’re on the topic of generational Batman, I’m not so sure certain iterations of the Bat are kid friendly. And then you have some of the shows intended for kids, but then it gets dumbed down, assuming kids aren’t old enough or smart enough to appreciate good storytelling. I truly believe–and I know for a fact I’m not the only one– that Batman: The Animated Series is hands down the best consistent adaptation of the comic books and the character of Batman. Just mix that with the true genius of making it both for kids and adults. Now, you have the formula for an animated classic that has thus far strongly stood the test of a quarter century and will only continue doing so for all time. Thank you again, BTAS and all those involved.

Again, for next episode of Above and Batman Beyond, we have Kristopher Carter with us, Emmy Award Winning composer of the orginal Batman Beyond animated series back in 1999. This episode is beyond exciting, for the first time having a guest from the OG TV show! As I mentioned eariler, this will hopefully be a skype conference call, so it will include even more people from Carter’s music Beyond team. Speaking of the classic cartoon, Michal McQuistion for one, much like Carter, is also an Emmy Award winning composer, working on both Bat cartoons: BTAS and Beyond. You won’t wanna leave Neo Gotham for this one.

If you like DC Collectibles or Batman collectibles in general, then keep your Bat ears open for our upcoming Diamond Select Toys episode, interviewing Zach Oat from the DST Marketing Team. A few weeks ago Zach and I talked about the recent San Diego Comic Con 2017 Exclusive Batman Beyond busts from Diamond. With that episode as well as the one you’re listening to now, you also can’t miss our new Vidcast Unboxings! While you might find a million and a half unboxing videos online, I can guarantee that few of them are paired directly with podcast interviews from toy companies. But, as our faithful listeners know, we go Above and Batman Beyond here at ComicBookIntl. Sorry, I still haven’t really used that pun yet in describing the show. Don’t worry, you won’t hear it for awhile. Break in case of emergency only. But anyway, again, stay tuned for my unboxing of the Batman Beyond/Bruce Wayne 2-pack from DC Collectibles. If you saw our last unboxing preview for Diamond Select, then you’ll immediately notice how much we stepped up our video set up when you see this new one for DC Collectibles. I recently bought a lightbox, electronic turntable, tripod, the works. We’re going for proquality vidcast unboxings, so get ready Beyond fans. Find such videos of Beyond greatness on our YouTube Channel: CBIN (ComicBookIntl Network). Just search “ComicBook Intl Network” (CBIN for short). Please subscribe to our YouTube channel, and of course, find any and all videos releated to our podcast on our very own website: BATMANBEYONDPODCAST.COM, and as always, COMICBOOKINTL.COM.

As promised, here is a preview of my skype interview with Zach Oat, from the marketing team over at Diamond Select Toys. Zach and I were talking about the beautfiul new Batman Beyond PVC statue by Diamond, leading up to what you’ll hear righhhht now:


Again, that was from our upcoming Diamond Select Toys episode, featuring an interview with Zach Oat from Diamond’s marketing team. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes as well as our ComicBookIntl Youtube channel for our Beyond vidcast unboxings, combining clips from this episode as well as Diamond’s with their corresponding unboxing videos. Subscribe to both audio and video so you don’t miss out.

And, that is it for this episode of Above and Batman Beyond. Thank you as always for listening! My name is Benjamin David, your schway host and Managing Editor here at, telling you to go above and Batman Beyond.

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Our Beyond schway host, Benjamin David, interviews DC Collectibles executive Jim Fletcher, talking Batman Beyond Action Figure 2-Packs and celebrating 25 years of Batman: The Animated Series. Both of us are HUGE BTAS fans, and I can’t believe it’s been 25 years! Fletcher is the Executive Creative Director of DC Entertainment, overseeing DC Collectibles. He’s also here to show off DC’s brand new BTAS GCPD Rogues Gallery 5 pack coming out this week in celebration of 25 years of the classic Bat cartoon.

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