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Batman Superman Podcast | NYCC 2018 Recap

Batman Superman Podcast | NYCC 2018 Recap

Batman Superman Podcast, Kevin Conroy NYCC 2018


Fan a’ the man a’ tomorrow? Fan of his boy, Batman? Then, boom! We got a f***in’ podcast for you! welcomes our newest Batman podcast to the network! Here’s Batyard’s Finest, Bringing you the FINEST of Batman and Superman in pop-culture! Batyard’s Finest crosses over 2 out of the 3 greatest DC heroes on Earth, covering Batman and Superman team ups across all forms of media.

Click below for our first episode, featuring co-host, Benjamin David’s NY Comic Con story of meeting the voice of Batman himself, Kevin Conroy! SUBSCRIBE to the show on the Anchor app and many more pod places to come!

Batyard’s Finest is a co-production of our own CBI Network, proudly joining forces with Batyard Productions, a group of Batman/Superman fan filmmakers and artists. Benjamin David, our CBI Network manager and co-host of Above and Batman Beyond, meets up with the boys of the Batyard–Josh, Dan, and Matteo–to talk Batman/Superman team ups, DC news, comics, TV, movies, art, and LIVE convention coverage.

Check out Batyard Productions’ YouTube channel for updates on their FINEST of upcoming B/S films: Batman v Superman: World’s Finest.



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