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BTAS Interviews NY Comic Con 2018

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BTAS Interviews NY Comic Con 2018
Bruce Timm Interview NY Comic Con 2018, BTAS NYCC 2018

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At New York Comic 2018 (October 4-7), to promote the upcoming Blu-Ray remaster of Batman: The Animated Series DC/WB Animation rolled DEEP with cast members and creators of BTAS and Batman Beyond. Thanks to some serious NYCC hustle this year, your Above and Batman Beyond co-host, Benjamin David, was able to get his hands on interview clips from the massive BTAS press event! Clips that have easily made our recent podcast the most high profile to date.

Even more exciting, Benjamin is now official press for the hugely popular Latin American geek site,!

Thanks to C506, you can enjoy episodes like No. 34 here of Above and Batman Beyond, now the most prestigious of pods in our feed: 

Shoutout BEYOND to C-506 for passing on their press interviews to Above and Batman Beyond!! The comic con line up for this pod episode, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, includes interview clips from the following animated Bat family members:

  • Kevin Conroy: VOICE OF BATMAN/Old Bruce Wayne (BTAS/Batman Beyond)
  • Bruce Timm: CO-CREATOR/Executive Producer (BTAS/Batman Beyond)
  • Tara Strong: Voice of Batgirl (New Batman Adventures); Voice of Harley Quinn (Arkham video games)
  • Loren Lester: Voice of Dick Grayson/Robin (BTAS, Adventures of Batman and Robin); Voice of Dick Grayson/Robin (New Batman Adventures)
  • Diane Pershing: Voice of Poison Ivy
  • Eric Radomski: Co-producer/ HUGE early influence on BTAS
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As high profile as every one of these BTAS names is, the hardest name to get for an interview is hands down, Bruce Timm. Without an ounce of judgement, our beloved Timm rarely talks about the Timmverse outside press events. But, never say never kids. Hustle your game at con, and who knows? You might meet some awesome and connected geeks like Johann from C506! Fortunately, we now have press access here at Above, the only possible channel to a man of Timmian stature. Yay!

Stay tuned here at for more BTAS interview coverage from con, both writing AND videos of the very clips heard on today’s podcast!

From our Instagram @batmanbeyondpodcast (Referring to Ep 34 of ABB) :

Not forgetting con Beyond fans & cosplayers or our network’s @dccollecticast , we got some crossover interview content as well for a full ep! Thanks to Beyond fan @iamnotpaulyang , cosplayer @holyace05 , & #dccollectibles pros @zachoat from @collectdst , @camerondeuel from @originalfunko !! Episode now available on #itunes #soundcloud BATMANBEYONDPODCAST.COM


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