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Kevin Conroy NYCC 2018

Kevin Conroy NYCC 2018

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Well, NOW I’m done for the day! What’s the point of continuing after this?!!!! KEVIN FUCKIN CONROOOY! Didn’t have time for an interview but who cares?! I told him I wasn’t gonna cry. He thanked me. BATMAN thanked me!! #voiceofbatman #lifegoals #giddyfangirl #batmantheanimatedseries #btas #kevinconroy #batmanbeyond #oldbrucewayne #brucewayne #dcau #voiceover #voactor nycc2018 #nycc #newyorkcomiccon2018 #newyorkcomiccon @batman_beyond_fanpage @executiveproducerdickwolf @dcauwatchtower @heyjustin @batmanfigs @the.batfan @batyardproductions @dccollecticast @thatkevinsmith @updatenerdstyle @steady_geekin @thedcuniverse @dccomics @dc_collectibles @randell_savage84 @mindmeldx @catsinabelfry @reality_bomb_comicast @cultofthebatman @saturdaymorningbatman @batyardsfinestpod

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Our Above and Batman Beyond co-host, Benjamin David, is still fangirling on this one from NYCC!  New York Comic Con 2018, insanely busy, many times an overwhelming show.

Then, Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman, was just standing there. And, the world stopped. As Benjamin put it, “This is why you’re here. As crazy as con gets, if a 33 year old man can feel like an 8 year old bursting with joy? This is why you’re alive. I had a literal life affirming experience meeting Kevin Conroy.”

Conroy has voiced the character of Batman in numerous iterations and media for 26 plus years. Most famously, 1992’s Batman: The Animated Series premiered the Julliard grad’s vocal take on the Bat. Of course, for the purposes of our Above show, Kevin Conroy continued the legacy of Bruce Wayne/Batman into the future for Batman Beyond, and  for many other DCAU (DC Animated Universe) series and films. He brings an unparalleled gravitas to the voice of the Bat, and is widely considered to be the best voice of Batman to date.

BTAS, Batman Beyond, Justice League Animated, Justice League Unlimited, ALL of the Arkham video games: all Conroy.

Stay tuned for podcast coverage of NY Comic Con, including Benjamin’s story of meeting his childhood (and, clearly adulthood) hero!

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Happy con from Above and Batman Beyond! 

More Beyond vids below from con!

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#batmanbeyond fan interviews, LIVE from #nycc !! Thanks to Beyond fan @iamnotpaulyang for your awesome interview! Fans like Paul are among my faves, because for Paul, Beyond was HIS Batman. Next year will be 20 years since the futuristic iteration of the Bat premiered, so there is now a whole generation of twenty somethings for whom Batman Beyond is THEIR Batman. Comment below: Who is YOUR Batman? Is it #BTAS , Beyond, #justiceleagueanimated , #Batman66 ?! Everyone’s story is different, and hearing them is why we’re here. Tell us your Bat story! …. .. Beyond fan wise, Paul here is pretty die hard too, rockin’ the SUPER hard to find #targetexclusive shirt, featuring the @originalfunko animated series Pop! Stay tuned for the full audio interview here @batmanbeyondpodcast to hear Paul’s story of acquiring this rare Beyond piece! Pod coverage coming Monday, SUBSCRIBE!! Available on #itunes #soundcloud BATMANBEYONDPODCAST.COM, Vid clips coming to our Comic Book Intl YouTube channel. #newyorkcomiccon #newyorkcomiccon2018 #nycc2018 #nycomiccon2018 #nycomiccon #comicconfans #batmanbeyondfans #beyondfans #batmanbeyondfaninterviews #batmanbeyondpodcast #funkobatman #batmancollectibles #batmanbeyondcollectibles #batmanbeyondshirt #batmanbeyondfunkopopshirt #targetexclusivefunko #funkonycc2018 #funkonycc #funkopopnycc2018 #nycc2018funkoexclusive

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