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 NY Comic Con 2018 Batman Beyond Podcast

 NY Comic Con 2018 Batman Beyond Podcast
NY Comic Con 2018 Batman Beyond Podcast, Cosplay Interview NYCC

Photo:; Cosplay by Edward @bretzels.empire on Instagram

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Our most recent episode of Above and Batman Beyond was an interview with hardcore comic con cosplayer, Edward, a.k.a. @bretzels.empire on Instagram, a.k.a. Mr Freeze! This cosplay build is so serious, that Edward has been featured on the SyFy channel! 

This episode of ABB is our first crossover with our CBI Network‘s new DC Collecticast! If you’re a DC collector and a pod head like all of us, then your new favorite audio show has just arrived. Selfishly, we’ve wanted to hear a podcast for years now, about DC action figures, toy photography, Diamond Select Toys, Hot Toys, whatever. Bunch of Star Wars collector pods, no DC that we can find. Enjoy a full, long form interview episode of ABB, just like normal, but on our new DC Collecticast.

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ABB co-host, Benjamin David, and Mr. Freeze @bretzels.empire here have been connected via Instagram since NYCC 2017. This interview was long overdue, and boy, is Edward a great guest! You could just put the mic down for hours and get genuinely good interview content. Very intelligent, clearly knows his stuff technologically judging by that suit. For a Batman Beyond podcast, you can never have enough tech experts.

Technology, without a doubt, is a theme of Batman Beyond. This topic of tech-as-theme was central to the first installment of our new bi-weekly segment, Bat Chat BeyondBCB is co-hosted, Benjamin joined by Eli Benson @batman_beyond_fanpage on Instagram.

Thanks for coming on the show, Freeze!

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