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BTAS Review Nothing to Fear | BTAS Halloween

BTAS  Review Nothing to Fear


Happy Halloween from Dr. Jonathan Crane and Above and Batman Beyond! Hopefully, you didn’t go too hard on the weaponized hallucinogens last night. Here’s to recovery.

Today’s mini Insta reviewNothing to Fear from Batman: The Animated Series.

On Halloween night, your ABB co-host, Benjamin David, turned off all the lights and caught up on some scary Scarecrow eps of BTAS. The iconic series is now streaming in full breathtaking HD on the DC Universe app.

The app appropriately curated a list of Halloween recommendations on 10/31. Titles varied from DC animated series (not just BTAS) to movies to comics.

So, enjoy Benjamin’s mini Instagram review of BTASNothing to Fear. Be sure to follow us @batmanbeyondpodcast, and take it easy with that Halloween fear toxin hangover!

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Your co-host @benjaminofdavid watched a scary cartoon & took some notes while doing so. Here they are: A mini #halloween bullet review of #nothingtofear from #batmantheanimatedseries . Check out the list of Halloween Bat Eps now streaming in full HD on @thedcuniverse !!…… —His biggest fear puts Bruce/Batman to the true test: if he’s not fulfilling his commitment to his parents properly (in his case via Batman) then what is he doing? – [ ] Did Crane/Scarecrow’s origin in like a minute and a half. Perfect. For the most part, this ep holds up, and the story at its core is exceptionally powerful for the character of Batman. You can tell Nothing to Fear is early on in #BTAS though. Here’s some signs: 1) When Bruce is watching TV in the Batcave, the TV is in color, as opposed to the series’ signature deco-meets-anachronistic style of black and white TV thereafter. (2) Musically, there are far more Danny Elfman nods to the Tim Burton films than there seem to be in later Eps. Music is also more over the top and melodramatic than a lot of future Eps. “Nothing to Fear” plays like an Edgar Allen Poe short horror movie drama, and is respectably unapologetic about it. – [ ] Thugs are over the top stupid. – [ ] Batman would’ve definitely burned alive in that bank vault thanks to Scarecrow; if not for the sprinkler system? That’s what saves him? – [ ] “I am vengeance/I am Batman” line!! – [ ] Scarecrow has blimp to compliment the ultra impractical police blimps. – [ ] Laser machine guns at the end/frank miller style batarangs that embed into the thug’s hand – [ ] Conroys early voice – [ ] Anytime Batman cuts out power in a warehouse, and those super loud old industrial lights go out: I’m in heaven; the bad guys looking around terrified is everything. – [ ] To be reminded of how scary Batman is, perfect ending. Nolan does this in “Begins” with scarecrow: “taste your own medicine” – [ ] Shadow and sunglasses of Bruce at Wayne graves Questions for @dcauwatchtower: – [ ] Before this ep, do we see his parents get killed or any kind of backstory about the murder? – [ ] Is it me or are there a lot of direct pulls from Elfman’s ‘89 score?

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