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DC Prime Toy Fair 2019 | DC Collectibles Interview

DC Prime Batman Action Figure from DC Collectibles, NY Toy Fair 2019, DC Collecticast Podcast; Photo:

For our network’s DC Collecticast podcast, your host, Benjamin David, had the BEYOND nerdy privilege of attending New York Toy Fair 2019 as official press. Now writing for, Benjamin’s press access got us an exclusive interview with Brian Walters, Senior Art Director of DC Collectibles.

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From the moment the pre-Toy Fair reveals dropped online, DC Collectibles stopped me in my internet tracks with photos of their new “DC Prime” line of deluxe action figures.

Seeing Batman Prime in person had a big impact, and really got me pumped for what’s in store for the line.

From DC Collectibles’ Brian Walters at the NY Toy Fair booth:

This is a brand new action figure line for us. This is DC Prime Deluxe Batman action figure. We’re really excited about this figure, because we haven’t really gone into the world of deluxe action figures that are at a larger scale like 9.” A lot of great detail, designed by Ricardo Federici, so you get this high tech take on Batman.

DC Prime deluxe Batman action figure; Photo: DC Collectibles


BW continued: It’ll have a ton of articulation. As I said, lots of great accessories, including alternate heads, grappling guns, batarangs, interchangeable hands. It also has a posable cape, which is great, so you’ll be able to capture all the motion that you want.

Figure Stand

This is not the final stand for it. We’re still working on the final design, but we want a stand that’s going to be able to allow you to get your figure up in the air; very much like our deluxe bases down below, just something more robust to allow a 9″ figure to stay airborne if we need to.


BW continued: Higher price point, $125. It comes out at the end of 2019. We think a lot of characters will fit very well in this line, so stay tuned for more info. We’re really excited about it!

DC Prime Action Batman, Toy Fair 2019
DC Collecticast Podcast, NY Toy Fair 2019 Photo:

The interview above is only a small part of our full DC Collecticast Toy Fair coverage. Stay tuned here at the network as well as C506 for more web coverage of the event. We have more DC talk to come from NECADiamond Select, and Jada Toys! If you haven’t already, check out our Comic Book Intl YouTube videos of this same interview posted above. The podcast interview link is below.

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