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JoJos Bizarre Adventure Reaction | Anime Podcast

For today’s Update: Nerd Style podcast, co-hosts Owen Connair and Tilted Cone return for another updated pop-culture convo. The dynamic gaming duo take a detour from competitive nerddom, and into Anime!

JoJos Bizarre Adventure Reaction, Anime Podcast

Anime pick of the day: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

  • Today’s Nerds: Owen, Tilted Cone, and guest, Witty
  • Brief gamer updates
  • From Owen: We delve back into our deep love of the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series. We will subtly spoil you, but not too crazily.

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As always, check out our Above and Batman Beyond podcast here at the CBI Network, for interviews and chats about the futuristic iteration of Batman Beyond! For our newest episode, we celebrate NUMBER 50!

From our Instagram: @batmanbeyondpodcast:

Ep 50 features @kathudsonart , character designer on the @dcsuperherogirls, freshly dropped on @cartoonnetworkofficial !

Also included in our supersized 50th are live interviews from #toyfair2019 as well as a Bat Chat Beyond with co-host/close friend, Eli Benson @batman_beyond_fanpage. Literally, everything our show has to offer: live event coverage, interviews with industry pros, and a bi-weekly Bat Chat Beyond. 

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