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JoJos Bizarre Adventure Reaction, Anime Podcast

JoJos Bizarre Adventure Reaction | Anime Podcast

For today’s Update: Nerd Style podcast, co-hosts Owen Connair and Tilted Cone return for another updated pop-culture convo. The dynamic gaming duo take a detour from competitive nerddom, and into Anime! Anime pick of the day: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Today’s Nerds: Owen, Tilted Cone, and

DC Prime Action Batman, Toy Fair 2019

DC Prime Toy Fair 2019 | DC Collectibles Interview

For our network’s DC Collecticast podcast, your host, Benjamin David, had the BEYOND nerdy privilege of attending New York Toy Fair 2019 as official press. Now writing for, Benjamin’s press access got us an exclusive interview with Brian Walters, Senior Art Director of DC

Mortal Kombat 11 Podcast | Street Fighter 5 | MK 11

Mortal Kombat 11 Podcast | Street Fighter 5

As you may know, we talk about many other nerdy topics here at the CBI Network outside the niche of Batman Beyond. Toys/games, in particular, are a much discussed topic here, and our podcast Update: Nerd Style show is a frequent place for you to

DC Primal Age, Funko Interview NY Toy Fair 2019

DC Primal Age | Funko Interview NY Toy Fair 2019

From our CBI Network’s DC Collecticast, your host, Benjamin David gets the full scoop on Funko’s Masters of the Universe inspired line of 1980s action figures. Reporting LIVE from the Funko booth at NY Toy Fair 2019, this @dccollecticast  IGTV interview above is only part of our full DCC podcast ep to come.

Mask of the Phantasm in Theaters

Batman Mask of the Phantasm in Theaters

Ever been to a Fathom Event? If you’re a movie nerd, then Fathom will change your cinematic life! ABB co-hosts, Benjamin David and Eli Benson (Instagram’s @batman_beyond_fanpage) went to see the animated classic, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm in theaters, all thanks to Fathom Events. On our most

BTAS Review Nothing to Fear | BTAS Halloween

BTAS  Review Nothing to Fear   Happy Halloween from Dr. Jonathan Crane and Above and Batman Beyond! Hopefully, you didn’t go too hard on the weaponized hallucinogens last night. Here’s to recovery. Today’s mini Insta review: Nothing to Fear from Batman: The Animated Series. On Halloween night, your ABB co-host,