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"Pity…it was a magnificent vehicle" Today's BTAS shot is from the episode titled "The Mechanic" it was the 55th produced and 48th to air. The episode starts off with us seeing Batman and Robin going after 3 of Penguins thugs, they get away and the Batmobile sustains major damage. The dynamic duo takes the car to a secret garage run by Earl Cooper and his daughter. He says he can fix it and gives Batman and Robin some motorcycles in the mean time. We than get taken to Penguins lair where an informant is telling Oswald that he's put together a list of parts the Batmobile would need based on the damage described, and has found that each of these parts were recently delivered to an Earl Cooper and they go after him. Once at the garage Earl refuses to help Penguin and tells of how he was saved by Batman and designed the Batmobile. The Penguin uses his daughter to get to him and Earl relents. Helping rig the Batmobile so that it can be controlled, but he gives Batman a hint on how to disable it. The rest is for you to enjoy! Have a great day!

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