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JoJos Bizarre Adventure Reaction, Anime Podcast

JoJos Bizarre Adventure Reaction | Anime Podcast

For today’s Update: Nerd Style podcast, co-hosts Owen Connair and Tilted Cone return for another updated pop-culture convo. The dynamic gaming duo take a detour from competitive nerddom, and into Anime! Anime pick of the day: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Today’s Nerds: Owen, Tilted Cone, and

Batman Superman Podcast, Kevin Conroy NYCC 2018

Batman Superman Podcast | NYCC 2018 Recap

Batman Superman Podcast | NYCC 2018 Recap Fan a’ the man a’ tomorrow? Fan of his boy, Batman? Then, boom! We got a f***in’ podcast for you! welcomes our newest Batman podcast to the network! Here’s Batyard’s Finest, Bringing you the FINEST of Batman and Superman

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